Hi, I’m Justin

I’ve been obsessed with using technology to make life better since I was a kid. For the last two decades, I’ve been building awesome products first as an engineer and then as a product and design leader. I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies, as well as scrappy startups that have been successfully acquired.

The Story

Take time to understand the whole story, not just the problem to be solved.

The Data

Quantify the goal, measure the result, understand the behavior and the side effects.

The Design

Nothing builds trust in new products like crisp design with stellar UX.


What’s the smallest thing we can build to test our hypothesis against?
Recent Platforms
Haven TMS
Haven is a global freight marketplace & booking platform focused on automation, collaboration, and visibility to deliver strong ROI.
SET Video Platform
SET uses computer vision and machine learning to contextually target video ads against the best content.
CNET Media Platforms
The emerging platforms group created the Webby Award winning CNET TV, along with CNET apps for iOS and Android, connected TV and other emerging platforms.
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