November 20, 2011
by justin

Backing up Gmail

Like much of the Internet these days I love my cloud based email. For a decade or so I ran my own mailserver, and as much fun as learning the ins and outs of a sendmail configuration file was and constantly battling spammers I decided to switch my domain to Gmail. All was great in cloud mail land until one day my euphoric bubble of cloud infallibility was popped by a Gmail fail. While Google later asserted that all email was recovered it triggered the Eagle Scout in me and I decided to be prepared for a future Gmailpocalypse.

There are a variety of ways to attack this problem, the simplest of which is to just use an IMAP or POP client to backup like Thunderbird. Never one to take the easy way out, and wanting direct control over how my archive was handled, I choose to use a program called getmail. I did the backup on a Windows machine using Cygwin following these instructions. Upon running getmail for the first time I kept getting a python error, something along the lines of fatal error unable to remap. After Googling a bit I came across this wiki on rebasing which fixed the problem.

The next problem I encountered was that getmail was marking all messages as read, which isn’t what you want if you are just using this to backup. There is some debate about how to fix this, or if it is even broken, but all I know is it isn’t the behavior I want. There is a pretty simple two line patch here which worked for me. I actually applied the patch by hand. I navigated to my Cygwin directory, which for me was C:cygwinlibpython2.6site-packagesgetmailcore . I found the two lines the patch mentions and changed them and all was well.

The next how to I suppose should be on restoring your email. I have some ideas, but hope I never have to write that one out of necessity.

November 13, 2011
by justin
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Simple WordPress Privacy

I’ve been working in and around software development for quite a long time, and have used countless open source projects to power both personal and professional work & play. So I thought it was about time I made a small attempt to “give back” to the community. Though really in actuality I think this project started just as self-centered as probably all OSS projects.

I’d spent some time over the past few months moving my various blogs over to the WordPress Blog Network setup. Overall this is great, but it is still a bit early stage, and lots of plugins and other tricks that worked in a single blog setup no longer worked in a blog network setup. One such thing was the ability to put up a basic authentication dialog to create a private blog.

I spent way more time that I’d like to admit searching for a solution, downloading plugins and then removing them, as they for the most part they just failed to work. In my mind these hours were the easy way out, but ultimately turned out to take far longer then just writing it myself. I spent about an hour learning how to write a WordPress Plugin and hacking out my first version of Simple Privacy. Like most engineering efforts making it look pretty, adding configuration, and working out environment and source control issues took a lot longer than the initial coding.

If you are looking to provide simple projection to your WordPress blog or admin section, check out Simple Privacy and let me know if you have questions, comments, suggestions.

November 6, 2011
by justin

New Site

Welcome to the new You’ll find all sorts of information about me, Justin Eckhouse including my resume, links to my show Android Atlas Weekly as well as recent projects I’ve worked on. From time to time you’ll find posts about what I’m working on, what I’m thinking or maybe just a photo.

Thanks for visiting!

– Justin