SET By Conversant


At SET we built Guide, a video ad campaign insights, analytics and targeting platform that told customer’s the story of their campaign.

We introduced a whole new paradigm in ad tech reporting with total transparency and insight into the details of a campaign. When the industry norm was to provide high level metrics we reset the standard. Our product showed every single video a campaign ran against.


Video Level Details

We then took it a step further using our contextual classification platform to identify and categorize all videos. Using our proprietary technology such as video scene analysis, audio recognition, facial recognition, and natural language processing all videos were placed into one or more category and celebrities were identified. This data was used for targeting and delivering deep insights that made it clear what content resonated for your brand and what didn’t.


Category Insights

Our Guide User Experience resonated so well with customers that our sales team’s pitch wasn’t a stale PowerPoint, but the Guide tool itself. Leveraging Guide and our rich contextual classification platform I lead my team to deliver massive revenue growth and an acquisition of SET by Conversant.


Campaign Metrics